Gender Differentials

Thought experiment:

  1. Take a very large group of men
  2. Rank them by physical attractiveness
  3. Count their children of both genders
  4. Compare the results of 3 for the top and bottom quartiles (deciles, whatever) established in 2.

My guess is that with a large enough sample, there would be a difference. I would expect better-looking men to have more male children than female. I wonder if someone else has already done this experiement?

2 thoughts on “Gender Differentials

  1. Apparently not:

    More physically attractive people of *either* gender tend to have more daughters. This is supposed to be because looks are more advantageous to women than men. I am a little surprised that the genome (exome, proteome, whatever) for male beauty and that for female beauty are thought to be the same, but I suppose it makes sense – I guess there’s not much on the Y-chromosome.

    So, do the sex-determining mechanisms follow the beauty-determining mechanisms around in evolutionary time? Or are they somehow regulated by another mechanism that is sensitive to beauty?

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