Godwin’s Law is Everywhere

I am strongly pro-Remain, but this is a bit much:

I think the Leavers lied, misrepresented, and cheated. But I don’t think anyone lied about the number of ballots cast in the referendum, and I don’t think May is looking to secure herself in power, annex her neighbours, and start a programme of genocide.

This is not a helpful comparison. Parliament can do what it likes, regardless of May’s preferences. While I don’t like the first-past-the-post method we use to elect the Commons, it is still democratic. Unlike the referendum mentioned in the tweet, MPs typically face meaningful opposition to win their seats.

The only part of this I can really get behind is the implied criticism of the idea that “the will of the people” is already known to the leader, and it must be carried out at all costs.

As Godwin said, cheap Nazi comparisons stop people thinking hard about the Holocaust.

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