The Death of a Cellphone

A K750i deserved better than this.

K750i post-wash keypad close-upI was a little worse for wear last Saturday night, and when I got home I put the washing machine on. I thought I’d checked my pockets for things that shouldn’t be washed – I’d fished out coins and keys – but unfortunately I left my trusty mobile in the left pocket. Maybe it should jingle when shaken.

K750i post-wash full viewThe next day, the phone was not in good shape. I don’t know whether it was the impacts with the barrel of the washing machine, or the multi-hour soaking in water and detergent, but the phone was clearly dead. Bits of the phone were shinier than before, but the overall impression was not as good as pre-wash.

I’ve had five phones over the past ten or so years, and the K750i was probably my favourite. Easily the best thing about it was the camera. When I got it, I’d never owned a digital camera before. The two mega-pixel camera was a bit of a revelation, and a lot of the images on this blog were taken with it. It took reasonable pictures in low light, and even the video was bearable. There was a camera on my previous phone, a T610, but the quality was so awful I used it a couple of times and forgot about it.

The other feature I liked on the K750i was the speaker phone. I have no idea whether other phones I’ve owned had speaker capability, but this one did, and I slowly got to appreciate using it. If I was bored while making my tea, I could call someone up, leave the phone on the bench, and still have both hands free for cooking. Alternatively, waiting for twenty minutes on hold no longer meant only having one hand; I could leave it on my desk and get on with other things until the call was picked up.

The reason I got this particular phone was it’s capacity to play MP3s and take a memory card. In the end, I didn’t use it much for that, and got an iPod instead. As with many new gadgets, it’s only after I’d bought it that I discovered what it was really useful for. The only really annoying things about the phone were the data cable that wouldn’t stay plugged in, and the joystick that slowly became harder and harder to use.

After the wash, the battery swelled up inside the case, which meant it was almost impossible to get the SIM card out. I though I was going to have to physically destroy the case at one point, but I managed to open it using a variant of an old beer bottle opening trick. The SIM card survived unscathed (and cleaner), and is now in the new phone. The memory card also appears unscathed, but as I don’t have another Memory Stick reader, I won’t be able to tell until I borrow someone else’s phone. I’m hopeful that the latest round of pictures on there will still be readable.

6 thoughts on “The Death of a Cellphone

  1. That’s not quite the story as you told it to me. How come you were filling the washing machine while “a little worse for wear”?


    BTW, I think Lisa L. has a universal memory stick reader.

  2. This blog entry is not for humorous effect, so some details that were relevant in a funny story are not relevant in this entry. Besides which, there may be young or impressionable people reading this blog.

  3. What do you plan to replace it with? I’m due a new phone in the next couple of months. I quite like the look of the Nokia N80 (3.2mp camera, WiFi, 3G etc)

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